The Apollo Academies Trust is a brand new, vibrant and dynamic trust. We are a very forward thinking organisation that provides the latest innovations in education. We can open doorways to learning opportunities on a local, national and global level. Our trust is operated in Norfolk and our founding school is in King’s Lynn. We have been set up as a primary level driven trust so our key expertise is in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Each school has its own unique personality and we work with that. Every trust school has its own community values, ethos and a unique feel. That is why as a trust we tailor our approaches to meet an individual school community. Our schools really value our approaches, support and guidance.

Our commitment

We are about developing your organisation, your way.

Here is our commitment to your school community:

Building a Community

Your identity is important to us but likewise being part of the Apollo Trust means you have a community of likeminded successful

schools. All schools work together to really be pro-active and get the best for young people. With CPD our staff work together to have the very best training, resources and innovations.

Collective responsibility for the results of all children

“If one fails we all fail”

Strategic governance allied to educational focus at LGB level. We are all on it together to get the very best for all schools. Every voice matters with the Apollo Trust. Everyone is a partner at the Apollo Trust because the trust deeply cares about all our communities’ viewpoints.

Recruitment and retention

Flexibility to deploy staff in the most effective way to benefit the largest number of children.

We reward staff and we are committed to ensure the most attractive and supportive benefits for our employees.

Working for the Apollo Trust is motivating and enjoyable for staff. That positive ethos that we generate makes staff want to work even
harder because they love the work they do.

Career progression for staff

Retain the best staff in the trust if not in the same school.

Strong performance management which is built around a staff member. Ensuring CPD,
career progressions, support, guidance, competitive pay and recognition.

Efficient Management of Resources

We offer strong financial management where your school can quickly accomplish the goals that your school requires. Examples of our work:

  • We have built a state of the art ICT suite.
  • An award winning library voted in the top 5 in the UK.
  • Themed areas for pupils in a school which appeared on television - ITN Anglia News.
  • Building projects.
  • We are here for you, for your school to look great, be great and have the very best resources and equipment.
  • The Apollo Trust provides dynamic solutions to ensure resources are effectively utilised.