The Apollo Academies Trust is a brand new, vibrant and dynamic trust. We are a very forward thinking organisation that provides the latest innovations in education. We can open doorways to learning opportunities on a local, national and global level. Our trust is operated in Norfolk and our founding school is in King’s Lynn. We have been set up as a primary level driven trust so our key expertise is in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Each school has its own unique personality and we work with that. Every trust school has its own community values, ethos and a unique feel. That is why as a trust we tailor our approaches to meet an individual school community. Our schools really value our approaches, support and guidance.

Our culture

  • Children are at the heart of education – they are our number one priority.
  • Tailoring solutions around you to ensure the very best standards.
  • Communication and involvement in the process of developing world class learning are vital parts of our strategy for development.
  • You have influence with our trust. Our culture is to listen at a local level so each trust school’s community really values and understands the work that we do.
  • In the Apollo Trust everyone is a leader. Everyone. CPD development and having a voice is so important to us. Every staff member being motivated and successful makes an outstanding educational establishment.
  • Our board has educational specialists with a wealth of experience both at a local and national level.
  • Joining forces brings economies of scale. Standing side by side we have strength and togetherness to ensure we adapt and change to legislation and requirements successfully and pro-actively.
  • Our culture is all about sharing and mutual cooperation.
  • Having a single trust means there is only one employer for all staff, thus enabling the sharing of resources widely within a group.
  • Fun learning matters. Our trust is about developing a curriculum that really engages pupils and develops the whole child.
  • We are about high standards but we are also about children loving their learning all the way through their school life.
  • That love of learning drives pupils towards success and high attainment.
  • You help develop our culture. The more schools join our trust the more rich tapestry of skills we create.
  • We value all forms of education from forest schools to ipad schools. From sports to art to immersive learning. Together we empower each other for successful learning.
  • We give back – not only do we feel passionate about working with your school but with the community groups and charities that you care about and support.