The Apollo Academies Trust is a brand new, vibrant and dynamic trust. We are a very forward thinking organisation that provides the latest innovations in education. We can open doorways to learning opportunities on a local, national and global level. Our trust is operated in Norfolk and our founding school is in King’s Lynn. We have been set up as a primary level driven trust so our key expertise is in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Each school has its own unique personality and we work with that. Every trust school has its own community values, ethos and a unique feel. That is why as a trust we tailor our approaches to meet an individual school community. Our schools really value our approaches, support and guidance.

27 September 2016

New Howard Junior Pupils Go Digital

Howard Junior School in Gaywood held an innovative ceremony where every new Year 3 pupil was presented with a brand new state-of-the-art iPad. Each pupil, who wore a graduation hat, has their own tailored app iPad for four years of their educational journey at the school. The iPad programme has led to Howard consistently being a high-performing school with exam results. They hope to help other schools with their digital future by asking them to join the Apollo Academies Trust – a trust for Norfolk focused on a strong digital education. Special guest on the day was KLFM’s Simon Rowe, who is pictured above with a selection of Year 3 pupils.


Story courtesy of The Lynn News:

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